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22 Coe Lane, Tarleton
Preston, Lancashire, Pr4 6hh
Tel: 01772 814255 Mob: 07834829672


 At C J Cardinal we are committed to carrying out all of our work to a high standard in a safe and well planned manner. Work is carried out safely and efficiently and environmental impact is always kept to a minimum.
We have full public liability insurance and all plant used by us on projects in fully insured.

As well as everything mentioned above environmental impact is kept to a minimum not just on site but also by the use of recycled materials where appropriate such as recycled stone and aggregate. 
Transport movements are kept to a minimum whenever possible by recycling materials on site for example on site screening of soils for re-use and on site crushing of clean material to produce usable aggregates instead of buying material in. This is not only better for the environment but can also save the customer money aswel.

Crushing and screening can be carried out either by large plants loaded by the excavator, or on smaller sites crusher and screening buckets can be supplied to fit the excavator which require much less space and lower transport costs etc.